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© Ivor Taylor 2019

© Ivor Taylor 2019

Old Contemptible's Cup

Dress Code Required For This Match

Warrington & District Seniors Bowls Association

Old Contemptible's Cup

(Pairs) Competition - Team of Three, any Two from the three to play can change within the three named players at any round - no changing of players inside the round, but can change lead.

Wednesday 28th August 2019

Book in for Draw 1.20pm - Start time 1.30pm

Greens Required

Grange Tetley Victoria Crosfield

Last Two from each venue through to Final at Orford War Memorial

 Friday 30th August 2019. 1.20pm Book in for redraw – Start 1.30pm

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G  ASHURST                 ST  ELPHINS  A




R  GOODHAND              GRANGE  A


J  STOTT                          ST ELPHINS  B


M  FAULKNER              ST ELPHINS  B


D  LANGOIS                  GESM           B


A  CLEMO                       RANGE      A

K Lee              Bewsey A