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Minutes of Last Meating

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Tuesday 29th October  2019  2pm
at 2.00 PM

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Minutes of Delegates Meeting

Held at Grange Sports and Leisure Club on Tuesday 24/09/2019

1  Chairman opened the meeting at 14:05.

2  Bereavements.  

    P Burns Eagle B, G Jones S Heath.

3  Apologies    

    Tetley A

4  Roll Call:24 Present

    Absent :  

    Richmond’s, St Elphin’s A,  S Heath A.

5 Minutes of the meeting of the 20th August were read and accepted.

6 Matters arising:   

  No matters arising.

7 Secretary’s Report.

   Secretary reported that the Management Committee had had to rule on a complaint received. No names were divulged but the dispute started over a disagreement with scorecards but then progressed into verbal aggression.

The Committee found for the complainant and the defendant had been banned for the rest of the season.

      Bowler of the Year dates were Qualifying  Mon 7th October and the final 8 on Tuesday 8th October at Tetley.

Lists of all all team players results had been prepared by the Secretary and would be available to delegates after the meeting. Delegates were asked to confirm with the leading players their availability for the above dates and if there were any changes to contact the Secretary. If the winner was not available then go to the second placed player. Several players had already won their Team’s selection as bowler of the year but there were still a few teams where the last game might affect the selection.

 Secretary had produced a list of motions received and delegates were asked to take back to their teams and return with any amendments to the October meeting.

Photographs of the following games were available to purchase and anyone interested in purchasing at £1 per photo should contact the Secretary.

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