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Minutes of Last Meeting

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Tuesday 28th January  2020  
at 2.00 PM

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Minutes of Delegates Meeting

Held at Grange Sports and Leisure Club on Tuesday 26/11/2019

Minutes of Delegates Meeting

Held at Grange Sports and Leisure Club on Tuesday 26/11/2019

1 Chairman opened the meeting at 14:05.

2 Bereavements.      J Owen Eagle B

3 Apologies    Tetley B, Vic B

4 Roll Call:22 Present

    Absent: CSC, Crosfield’s B, St Oswalds, Woolston B. 

5 Minutes of the meeting of the 29TH October were read and accepted.

6 Matters arising:     3 Life members had been appointed. B Daniels, M Rigby, S Sheldon.

7 Secretary’s Report.

The Secretary had received one inquiry about entering a new team next season. The caller had been given details of our procedure for entering a team. No further contact.

2 Changes of locations for next season. Richmonds to play at Grange as Grange C. St Elphin’s B to play at Monks as Monks B.

Secretary confirmed that there would be 3 divisions next season, but fixtures couldn’t be finalised until the AGM confirmed the number of teams.

B Lewis Grange A questioned the number of Divisions should be voted on by the Delegates. Chairman stated that the decision was taken by the Management Committee not the delegates.

List of the proposed amendments would be made available to delegates after the meeting along with a list of prizewinners so that delegates could confirm prize-winners attendance.

Due to the poor sales of tickets the Secretary would reduce the number of buffets ordered by 20.

Secretary told the meeting that the Treasurer would not be standing for the post after next season and if anyone would be interested in taking up the post to contact the Secretary.

8 Treasurer’s report.£3607.24 in the Bank.

A Cheque for £260 had been sent to the Warrington Disability Charity.

9 Competition Secretary’s report.

Mr. Ralston said that he wished to thank all competitors and club hosts for a marvelous season of competition bowling.

10 AOB  Delegates were asked to check with their  Bowler of the Year players as a Grange block had been replaced with an old block.

Meeting closed 14:50


Tuesday Jan 28th AGM at Tetley Walkers 2020 start  2pm.

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