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© Ivor Taylor 2019

© Ivor Taylor 2019

Minutes of Last Meating

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Tuesday 20th August 2019
at 2.00 PM

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Minutes of Delegates Meeting

Held at Grange Sports and Leisure Club on Tuesday 30/07/2019

1  Chairman opened the meeting at 14:04

2  Bereavements reported.

 R Barnett: Eagle B.

 A minute’s silence was held.

3  Apologies for Absence

  S Heath A, B, Eagle B

4  Roll Call

 Absent: Nil

5  Minutes of the last meeting

 Minutes of the meeting of the 25/06/2019 read and accepted.

6  Matters arising

 V Park renovations. Now unlikely to be completed on time. This meant that the Challenge Cup Finals and the Inter – Town match v Widnes were at risk and alternative locations would have to be arranged. Secretary said that if he didn’t receive confirmation that the renovations would be completed by Friday 2nd August then he would make alternative arrangements.  P Lythgoe V Park also updated the minutes with details of the minor snags and his attempts with the Council to get closure.

 Missing player registration numbers were now down to 41 and with the return of the team sheets it was hoped to reduce this again Any delegates who had not returned the sheets would be contacted by the Secretary.

The new webpage had been produced and was available to everyone. There had been some technical problems, but Ivor Taylor had done tremendous work over the weekend to ensure that the changes were made. There’s still a lot of work to do on the webpage but this should be completed by the end of the season

Town matches.

The team list for the St Helen’s game on the 7th August had been distributed to the delegates and will also be put on the webpage. Delegates were asked to make sure the players were available for selection and remind them that dress code would be enforced. Any players requiring Transport were asked to contact the Secretary.

The Widnes team would be selected on Friday 9th August and put on the webpage.

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