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 12 Amendments to rules and Constitution

                  Proposed by the Management Committee

Rule 1 Constitution and Management

Additional post of Minutes Secretary to be established


Rule 3 Meetings

3.3 Meetings will be held on the last Tuesday of each month.


Rules governing League Games

6 Postponements

6.1a Matches may be postponed or suspended by agreement by both Team Captains due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Rearranged date to be agreed within 24hrs of the original match start time to be played a.s.a.p. and before the final Match fixture of the season.

To add: The re-arranged date to be provided to the Secretary.


8 Challenge Cup and Challenge Cup Rules

8 c) In the event of matches being postponed due to adverse weather conditions the teams involved must rearrange the match at the earliest possible date prior to the next round. Such arrangements must be notified to the Hon. Secretary.

 To add: and the Competitions Secretary


10.0 Individual Competitions and Handicaps

10.7 Team officials are responsible for submitting to the Competition Secretary/Hon. Secretary, as soon as possible after the last match of the season, the names of players with the Most Wins and Best Average together with appropriate details.

(Delete the above.

To add. Secretary to provide list of qualifiers to delegates – players to confirm availability – or substitute allowed)


11.0 Players Dress

Dress Code to comply with that as laid down by BCGBA Bye Laws 25-1, 25-2(a) to (h) and 25-3 (ladies rule) with rule 25-1(d) amended to read “ in all team and pairs contests, same colour shirts must be worn by all team and/or pairs team members for all Association competition finals..

– delete to comply with that as laid down by BCGBA Bye Laws 25-1, 25-2(a) to (h) and 25-3 (ladies rule)

To add (Dress code now available on the webpage


5 League Games.

5.8 Matches to be played on Mondays and some Wednesdays due to Bank Holidays or there being insufficient Mondays to complete the season’s programme. The first match will commence at the latest date possible that will allow sufficient playing dates to complete the season’s programme.

Delete “and some Wednesdays due to Bank Holidays.”

To add The seasons’ programme must be completed by the end of September at the latest.


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